Monday, August 4, 2014

Tel Aviv Armageddon: A Dystopic Fantasy

            The State of Israel, refuge of Our People, cynosure of Modern Judaism, lies in ruins.
After Hamas managed—we have no idea how—to get the computer coordinates that controlled all of our Iron Dome anti-rocket units, it reduced them to useless piles of steel. Our Israeli Air Force tried mightily to shoot the rockets out of the air, but the new Iranian technology, developed secretly by North Korea from a mole planted in the Weapons Development Directorate of the CIA, had enabled Hamas to manufacture and hide away literally thousands of cheaply-made Qassam and Grad units, and many of them exceeded Mach 4, making them impossible to track or catch, let alone bring down.
            The US attempted to resupply our forces, but Iran, which had purchased new state-of-the-art submarines from France, the world’s third-largest arms merchant, and was able to cloak them from US SONAR, successfully torpedoed three American transport vessels after easily avoiding their nuclear pocket cruiser shield, even those ships armed with the AEGIS system. After that, a Congressional Caucus called for a “New Isolationism Policy” under the slogan of, “Trillions for Defense, but Not One Cent for Policing the World.”
            Things were looking desperate, indeed.
            As Hamas Hummer Ironclads, supplied by Qatar, cruised up Allenby Street, rocketing and machine-gunning all they saw, while diehard troopers of the Golani Brigade—those few who remained, following the massive IED explosion in the center of Gaza City—sniped at them from the remains of the Shalom Tower and the Tel Aviv Hilton, Magen David Adom workers, short of medical supplies, risked their lives in stifling underground shelters, working in the gathering darkness and the smoky, close, fuming air, using whatever remained of their dwindling supplies of plasma and gauze to save the lives of as many civilians, in particular the young children, as possible.
            From his nuclear-proof Command Center beneath the Knesset, Prime Minister Netanyahu sent out a webcast to the World: “We Israelis are the first, but not the last, to succumb to the onslaught of Militant Islam. We beg you—Nations of the West—to hear our plea. Help us! Where are you? We Jews will not go down to defeat again. There will be no Second Masada. Do not let me utter the fateful words, ‘The Third Temple has fallen.’ Repeat: ‘The Third Temple has fallen.’ Where are you, our allies? America? Britain? Germany? Where are you?”
            Eventually, Hamas computer-geek scramblers got the Knesset frequency, and the PM’s words were cut off.
What would happen? asked Jews and sympathizers around the world. And the World wondered….

I must stress that the above has not, will not, will never happen. The combined Might and Will and Desire of the Jewish State, as borne out by its Men and Women under Arms, and its Citizenry, have combined historically, since the Founding of the State, to assure that it will not happen.
Instead, we witness the suffering of Gaza, and a destruction of people and property similar to that occurring in Syria and Iraq, but carried out by the forces of Israel.
Is Israel guilty? Yes: of defending itself, to avoid the above Nightmare Scenario, as it did in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973. It is also likely that, in the very near future, Israel will have to fight some iteration of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, or ISIS. Hatred and Jealousy know no bounds or borders.
And yet—and yet. I do hear the cries and the suffering of the Palestinian people, those who did not belong to Hamas. I cannot see the pictures and not be moved. My cry is simple: where are the peace talks? Where are the politicians? What is to be done?
Can peace emerge from the barrel of a gun, or the maw of a rocket?
Consider: Hamas did achieve its goals, at least, partly: they stood up to the Israeli Army. Has their pride been slaked, at the cost of the lives of hundreds of their fellow Palestinians? Then the time has come to talk peace. Peace Now: before more lives are lost.
Following Egypt’s near-triumph in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Anwar Sadat gained the courage to challenge Menachem Begin to make peace. The peace holds still, today.
Will other Leaders of Vision emerge?
Or will overweening pride and hubris kill the dove before its flight?

Again, the World wonders….