Sunday, September 14, 2014

Standing Before God Drabble

Standing before God Drabble

“You stand this day, all of you, before the Lord your God…all the men of Israel…from woodchopper to water-drawer—to entire into the Covenant of the Lord your God….”—Deut. 29:9-10

            Yossi Water-Drawer shambled into the Israelite Camp, laid his humble Burden down: one water-bucket, sloshing out its contents—some brown, turgid turbid aqua, scoopt from a desert-beast’s pawprint, pailful of a late-morning’s wadi-gulley-washing; mud, mostly, mainly.
Drawing water in joy from the wellsprings of salvation….
            “Does God exist,” he wondered-positing, gazing within his catch while Moses spoke, “amid this floating aquarium of auburn aqualife, smelly goat pellets, and bird-droppings? Is it my fate to be a water-drawer, Aquarian on Earth?”
            “Shh—quiet, Man,” said the Fellow next him, bending down; his Ax slipped over, and cut off a bit of Yossi’s ear—Cosmic punishment, no doubt, for his not listening to Moses—poor Moses, passionately pilpuling on, about Canaanite nighttime orgies!

            Give it a rest, the Israelites murmured, Give it a rest. We all need a rest….