Sunday, September 27, 2015

Isaac's Ram: A Spiritual Ballad-Monologue, in Verse

Isaac’s Ram; or, Whose Sacrifice was It, Really?
A Spiritual Ballad-Monologue, In Verse

By David Hartley Mark

I am Isaac’s Ram,
And Abraham’s,
Who saved a young boy’s life.
Moriah’s height
I climbed, that night,
And bared my throat to the knife.

My sacrifice, bring
The horn of my younger kin,
Who haplessly
Sets his life free
To free your soul of sin.

At service-end,
You may befriend
Your brothers, sisters, all:
My carcass lies
‘Neath Morian skies,
And you don’t care at all.

Humanity! Work your souls free
And pray to receive His nod:
My soul will plead
For your human seed
Before the Throne of God.

The Sacrifice
Is not Isaac’s; twice
He queried of his Pa—
“Here are the fire,
The knife, the gyre;
But where the lamb?”
Said Abraham, “Oh, ah—

“The Lord God will
Himself fulfill
That need, my only son—“
The Two walked on
And arm-in-arm
Submitted to their God.

But in the end
Both clomb and wend
Ascended, and went down;
And I alone
In ashes atoned
For the cruelest judgment-rod.

Remember me,
My piety,
O Son and Daughter-of-Man;
For you may pray
‘Til Judgment-Day:
Match my sacrifice,
If you can.