Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Early Thanksgiving Prayer-Poem (Because We Need It)

An Early Thanksgiving Prayer
(Because We Need It)

By David Hartley Mark

                                    Glory be to God
                                    For a sugarless lemon drop
                                    To ruminate on,
                                    While my students leave
                                    After a close reading of Hemingway.

                                    Praise Him in the high places
                                    For sentence fragments
                                    And comma splices
                                    That enable this English teacher
                                    To make his living.

                                    Out in the Big World,
                                    Melder of the Universe,
                                    Keep Everyone safe:
                                    Increasing the Love,
                                    Lessening Madness,

                                    Bring us together
                                    All in Your Image,
                                    Lessen the hatreds;
                                    Show us Your Truth:

                                    Teach us that people
                                    Really do matter
                                    Far more than doctrines
                                    Religious, Political….
Buildings of stone,
                                    Places of history—
                                    All are as nothing,
                                    Compared to a baby
                                    Taking its first breath
                                    In a refugee camp;

                                    On this Thanksgiving,
                                    Help us remember
                                    We are all immigrants
                                    Moving through Life;
                                    Grant us Your Peace and Love,
                                    Gift us with Solace,
                                    Silence all weaponry,
                                    Remove all strife.

                                    Amen. Selah.