Friday, November 20, 2015

Kirby, the Shih Tzu, Talks About ISIS (With the Assistance of his Friend, David Hartley Mark)

Kirby the Shih Tzu Talks About ISIS

With the Assistance of His Friend,
David Hartley Mark

Kirby: What is ISIS, Dave?

David: Nobody really knows. They are a tough group of fighters, a good many of them Sunni. There is a good introduction to them in this article, but I know you can’t read:

ISIS, a history: how the world's worst terror group came to be - Vox. (n.d.). Retrieved from

So, for our little discussion, let’s try to put this in Shih Tzu terms. Have you ever met a Shih Tzu who didn’t get along with others, who came from a sort of rough background?

Kirby: Is that “ruff,” like the sound a dog makes?

David: No, I mean “rough,” like he’s had a tough life.

Kirby: Well, there was Webster. I knew him from the Rescue Shelter.

David: Tell me about Webster.

Kirby: He was black and white, kind of heavyset, and he growled at everyone. He had Issues. We could smell him, and we smelled that he was Normal in his Dogsbody, but he had something in his Doggybrain that wasn’t right. A Bad Human had done something Bad to him before he came to Shelter, to hurt him.

David: Yes; there are people like that in ISIS.

Kirby: There was also Sheraton. He was more white than Webster, but with a few black spots. He also had issues.

David: What did Sheraton do?

Kirby: He had the most beautiful blue eyes! No one else had blue eyes. But he wasn’t Right.

David: What do you mean, “not Right”?

Kirby: Well, it’s hard for me to explain to you, your being Human and not Dog, but he would just—would just—stare off into space. He never cared to play, or dance, or sniff anyone else’s butt, just to say Hello. He just looked off to the side when you were whine-talking to him. It was sad. The Nice Lady in the Shelter was talking about Sheraton once, and I heard the Care-People talking. She said that Sheraton had Trauma.

David: That’s too bad.

Kirby: What’s Trauma, Dave?

David: Something happened to Sheraton—and to Webster, too—when they were younger, and it made them both, Not Right. When you’re talking about People, it can mean growing up Poor—that is, without Food, or Proper Shelter, or a place to go to School. You live on the street, mostly.

Kirby: Like that time we were driving in the Car, and I looked out the Window, and saw that little Dog who was lost? I felt really bad.

David: Yes: we opened the door, and tried to get that little dog to come over, but she was very scared and nervous, and wouldn’t come. I hope that her owner came to get her. She was wearing a tag, which is good. I hope she made it home. Too many Humans in this World don’t have a home to live in. They live in the street.

Kirby: What happens to them? I live mostly in my various Beds around the house, with my Squeaky Toys. Also on my Couch and my Recliners. I also live under the Coffee Table. I call it my Clubhouse. And I take Power Naps.

David: As for ISIS, they want to take over a great deal of the world, and that is very sad.

Kirby: There was—there was—another dog, too. He wasn’t a Shih Tzu, or a Maltese, or a Peke. He was bigger. We didn’t like him. His name was Brucie.

David: What sort of dog was he?

Kirby: I don’t know; some sort of mix. A big one. All brindle-colored. But whenever the Care-People would come in and toss out Treats, Brucie was always the first to grab. He would push us Smaller Dogs out of the way.

David: Yes, ISIS does that, too.

Kirby: So, I guess there really isn’t much difference between the way that ISIS behaves, and the way certain dogs behave.

David: You might say that.

Kirby: Except for one thing.

David: What’s that?

Kirby: We dogs want to be friends with each other, and most of us want to be friends with Humans, too, except when we’re tired or lost or frightened. I really don’t know what ISIS wants to do. Is anyone trying to make friends with ISIS, Dave?

David: Uh, no; not really….

Kirby: Well, what’s going to happen, then?

David: I really can’t say….

Kirby: Well, time for my nap.

David: Sweet dreams, Kirby.