Friday, November 27, 2015

The Anti-Trump Song: Because He's a Bully, a Blowhard, and a Jackass

The Anti-Trump Song ©

By David Hartley Mark

(To the tune of Country Joe & the Fish)

1. Well, come on, fellow Americans: know
Donald Trump is the way to go
Hates Latinos, “will build a wall,”
Fall in line behind his clarion call
And if you lemmings will stand in line
We’ll plunge off the cliff just fine


‘Cause it’s one-two-three
Who are we voting for?
Donald Trump is the Bankrupt King
Got billions in shirts n’ buildings
And it’s five-six-seven
He’s ready to bloviate!
Flies a solid-gold plane
Yells he’s ready to reign
But that’s not governing

2. If you’re handicapped or special needs
You’ll get mocked by Mr. Greeds
If there’s disturbances on the globe
He’ll send in the troops: he’s a xenophobe
Heck-- he might even drop the Bomb
Most anywhere, to keep the calm


3. If you’re a woman, Mr. Trump
Will smile at you and pat your rump;
But don’t show him you have a brain
‘Cause that will cause him consid’rable pain
Smart gals worry him a deal
They’re just stuff he likes to feel


4. So, why’s this boob ahead of the curve?
We get the leaders that we deserve
Politics is show biz for ugly folks
Providing fodder for late-night jokes
But if any real leader wants to talk issues
I believe they’re gonna lose

Final Chorus:

So, it’s one-two-three
Who’s left to vote for?
The PACs bought everything:
We find it baffling
And it’s five-six-seven
Ready for the Donaldgate?
Once, the voting booth
Gave us all a voice
But now, do we have a choice?