Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Day in God's Universe: 12/2/15

Another Day in God’s Universe: 12/2/15

By David Hartley Mark

                                    I have to be out of here in one hour
                                    To meet my bar mitzvah boy for his lesson
                                    He sings the best he can
                                    Though the twelve-year-old male adolescent voice
                                    Is not the most reliable instrument
                                    And his haftorah is Jeremiah
                                    Who is not the cheeriest prophet
                                    But he (not Jerry) loves to sing from the amud
                                    Which is the podium on the bema
                                    And the bronze lions on both sides
                                    Smile down on his twelve-year-old head
And it makes me happy.
And God,

                                    They shot the Planned Parenthood People
But I have papers to grade
                                    For American Literature Survey
                                    My students write about Phillis Wheatley
                                    Who was meant as a white couple’s lapdog
                                    But she wrote the most wonderful poetry
                                    And blew the White World away
                                    And I just want to hug her
                                    Though we don’t know where she’s buried
                                    She’s singing in the Heaven of Heavens

                                    The candidates are all bleating
                                    And the terrorists are hiding
                                    Except when they come out
                                    To make a video
                                    Like genocidal rock groups
It’s very 21st Century

                                    I will be meeting with my Senior Bat Mitzvahs
                                    I love them They cheer me up
                                    We all sing the Shma Yisrael
                                    Because God needs a reminder
                                    That His universe needs work
We sanctify Your Name in the World
                                    This World we share with Others
                                    Some people we get along with
                                    And others that we don’t
                                    But most people are trying hard
We turn the page Amen

                                    I’m getting back to grading
                                    There’s always another paper
                                    I’m grading them online
                                    I acknowledge that print is dead
                                    I used to use my red pen
                                    But now it’s all computer
I think I know what Hell is
                                    Satan gives you forms
                                    You have to fill them all out
                                    And then you get your pitchfork
                                    You have to fill some more out
                                    To collect your pile of coals

                                    I pray we all reach heaven
                        Where all will be enClouded
                        They'll have the Forms already
                        A Universe of Forms
                        Where All will be as One

                        Can I do Tikkun Olam?
                        Not now, I haven’t time; thanks
                        But if you need a minyan
                        I’ll Amen you on my cell

                        Dear God of Beast and Human
                        Kind Lord of Spark and Diode
                        Make all of our Connections
                        And raise up all our Light.