Monday, February 15, 2016

Trusting in the Children: A Poem for the Silly Season of Primaries

Trusting in the Children

By David Hartley Mark

                                    The Man in the Black Suit
                                    Waved his Big Black Book
                                    And shouted,
                                    “You Two, stop kissing and hugging!
                                    “My Book says
                                    ‘It’s Forbidden.’”
                                    But the Children laughed,
                                    And ignored him.

                                    The Man in Hunting Clothes
                                    Waved his AK-47
                                    And shouted,
                                    “Clear the way! I will defend myself
                                    Against Anyone Else
                                    Who threatens me.”
                                    But the Children turned to him,
                                    Spoke softly,
                                    Took his gun away,
                                    And gave him a cup of weak tea.
                                    (He sat there, mumbling.)

                                    The Man stood on the Parapet
                                    Pointed at the Distant Men
                                    And screamed,
                                    “Kill those Other People!
                                    “They are the Wrong Color,
                                    “The Wrong Faith,
                                    “The Wrong Nation,
                                    “The Wrong….”
                                    But the Children walked away,
                                    And would not listen,
                                    Forming a Human Chain
                                    Between the Two Sides
                                    With their Selfless Bodies.

                                    The Man built up a Fence
                                    Between his Nation and his Neighbor’s,
                                    And called,
                                    “Do not let them in!
                                    “They are different from us:
                                    “They cannot live among us,
                                    “We will never survive.”
                                    But the Children
                                    Tore down the Fence,
                                    Erased the Boundaries,
                                    And hugged the Newcomers….

                                    And then, I awoke.