Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Series of Satanic Tweets, from a Particular Candidate

A Series of Satanic Tweets

By David Hartley Mark

“At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Monday night, Donald Trump continued his attacks on Hillary Clinton by calling her ‘the devil.’”

--“Donald Trump just called Hillary Clinton ‘the devil.’” Retrieved from -called-hillary-clinton-the-devil/21443062/?cps=gravity_4754_8409039406258330295

1.      From: Lucifer@WhenUrHotUrHot-- Please stop taking my name in vain. Remember our deal.

To: DTrump@BigMouthUnleashed

2.      From: DTrump@UKnowImRight  When do things start going my way?

To: SatanicTreaty@LakeOfFire

3.      To: DTrump@FlamingCarrotMaw Shut up for once. Wait for Bill to commit gaffe. It’ll happen.

From: Succubus@DontUseThatPartToThinkWith

4.      From: DTrump@KochIsIt I’m running out of $$$ Can U help?

To: Mammon@IfUWantItHereItIsCome&GetIt

5.      From: Mammon@FedReserveMustRaiseInterestRate We’re hurting down here for $$$, too.

To: DTrump@UrOnUrOwn

6.      From: DTrump@WhosLeftToBlame Go with Illuminati? Masons? Thetans? Please advise.

To: PrinceOfLies@ScapegoatsPettingZoo

7.      From: DTrump@FeelingAdrift Any suggestions for my Post-Election Presidential Agenda?

To: Moloch@Don’tMakeAnyLongTermPlans Nothing I can think of.