Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Plea for Our Broken Country

A Plea for Our Broken Country

By David Hartley Mark

                                                            Orange Man is screaming,
                                                            “What have you got to lose?”
I walk into the university,
                                                            Look at all the students
                                                            Wearing smocks of blue and white
                                                            Learning means of healing
                                                            Shutting our doors, so we
                                                            Can’t hear all his screaming

                                                            Black man’s hands up, walking
                                                            Slowly towards his auto
                                                            Cops are shooting him down
                                                            Dog upon the highway

                                                            Fire flames and blood

                                                            Orange man is screaming
Students busy learning
                                                            I am teaching English
                                                            Students healing us

                                                            Dog upon the highway
                                                            How long O God how long?
                                                            People full of anger
                                                            Healing must begin

                                                            Students raising hands up
                                                            Studying how to heal us
                                                            Learning what they need to know
                                                            For healing our world

                                                            Working at computers
                                                            Studying their textbooks
                                                            My dad would have loved them
                                                            He also went to school
                                                            Like them, first in family
                                                            This is what he told me,
                                                            And what I say to them:

                                                            “Get that piece of paper:
                                                            “Work for your diploma—
                                                            “Once the learning’s in your head,
                                                            “No one can take it away.”

                                                            Orange man will fade to smoke.
                                                            The Arc will sail toward justice—
                                                            God please hold us all in
                                                            The palm of Your mighty hand:

                                                            Reach out to my students
                                                            They will start the healing
                                                            Raise up all this country
                                                            Walk us toward the Light.