Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kirby the Shih Tzu in the World: A Philosophical Poem

Kirby the Shih Tzu in the World

By David Hartley Mark
(Copyright by DHM)

                                                Kirby, the Shih Tzu, and I
                                                Go walking in the World.
                                                A Florida-shower fell before:
                                                The air is cooler.
                                                Kirby lifts his leg
                                                At every mailbox he passes
                                                In Solemn Doggy Salute
                                                For the Benefit of Other Dogs
                                                He does not know,
                                                And never will meet,
                                                In Furson.

                                                “Come on, Kirby,”
                                                I urge him,
                                                “Come along, and do your Business,
                                                “So we can go Inside,
                                                “Where I can grade Basic English Midterms,
                                                “Do Midpoint Reports,
                                                “And write my Weekly Torah Commentary,
                                                “Preaching the Word of God.”

                                                He hears, but does not listen:
                                                Kirby is in Deep Doggy Thought
                                                Determined to leave his mark,
                                                Both Pee and Poop
                                                On the Vast Landscape
                                                Of God’s, or Nature’s,
                                                Deep-Green Earth,
                                                And Man’s
                                                Tarmac Tenancy.

                                                “I am here—I exist!”
                                                His Droppings proclaim,
                                                “I am Lordling of Dogdom,
                                                “From Doberman to Teacup Yorkie,
                                                “A Single Droplet of my PeePee
                                                “Outweigheth you All!”

                                                “Come ON, now, Kirby!”
                                                I plead now, frustrated,
                                                “I have to go grading—“
                                                (Though I am in
                                                Thought of a
                                                To Post on a
                                                For Strangers’ Perusal,
                                                Perhaps Worldwide?
                                                They’ll give good
                                                Via LIKE
                                                (What means that?)
                                                Or—Dare I hope for--?
                                                ‘Good job!’

                                                My Dog vents,
                                                As I do,
                                                We both seek Approval,
                                                Whilst through Puddles,
                                                Towards World-Fame
                                                We endlessly Slog.