Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rhapsody of Love from the Annals of Asteroid Arcturus Knaidel XXII

Rhapsody of Love from the Annals of Asteroid Arcturus Knaidel XXII

Translated and Set Down by David Hartley Mark

From the Original Arcturian Language

                                    “I am ventured into thine innermost Erotiquods,
                                    I have absorbed my farrowseed with my Lapsallian Spices;
                                    I have consumed my starcandy together with thine solar-plenitude;
                                    I have imbibed my Romulan Wine, together with
                                    Mercurian Milk—
                                    Consume, O’ Love-Allies:
                                    Drink, yea, drink abundantly of my Treasures, O’ my Beloved.”

                                    I slumber, but my Cardiovessel beateth:
                                    It is the Voice of my Love-Allies, knocking, saying:
“Open to us, O’ Our Sibling, Our Love, Our Space-Skylark, Our Purest One,
                                    “For our Thought-Chambers drip with Star-dew,
                                    “And our Head-Adornments with Tinctures of Darkness.”

                                    I have drawn off my spacesuit: how can I re-don it?
                                    I have cleansed my flippers: how shall I reboot them?

                                    My Beloved put his Claw in by the Touchpad of the Airlock,
                                    And my Innermost Organs emoted for him;
                                    I arose to equalize the Pressures for my Beloved’s Entry:
                                    And my Tentacles dropped with Heliotrope,
                                    And my Sensates with sweet-smelling air-movements,
                                    Upon the Lockways of the Cockpit.

                                    I depressurized the Spacewalk to my Beloved,
                                    But he had retrolaunched himself, and was gone—
                                    My Inspark failed for my loss:
                                    I sent out a Love-Drone in search of his blip, but he did not answer;
                                    I called to him via Wi-Fi, but he gave me no signal.

                                    “Whither is thy Beloved departed,
                                    O thou fairest among Acturians?
                                    Whither is thy Beloved dimensioneered to?
                                    That we may aid in thine seeking.”

                                    My Beloved is gone down to his astrogarden,
                                    To the beds of Hydroponian Cupid,
                                    To feed in myA innermost Erotiquods and to gather star-roses therefrom:
                                    I am my Beloved’s Love-Ally, and he is mine:
                                    He feeds within my Starriness.