Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Day After Election Day, 11/28/2016

The Day After Election Day, 2016

By David Hartley Mark

                                                            I am a Deplorable
                                                            I am an Elitist
                                                            I am a Racist
                                                            I am None of those things:
                                                            I am Me.

                                                            My Skin is Black
                                                            My Skin is White
                                                            My Skin is Brown
                                                            My Skin is my skin—
                                                            My Skin is
                                                            The Color of

                                                            I came to this Country on
                                                            A Slave Ship
                                                            The Pinta
                                                            A Steamship
                                                            An Airplane
                                                            A Raft
                                                            A Coyote brought me—

                                                            Even those of us born here
                                                            Originally came
                                                            From Someplace Else….

                                                            I’m a housemaid
                                                            A baker
                                                            A surgeon
                                                            A soldier
                                                            A student
                                                            A teacher
                                                            A server
                                                            I’m working three jobs so
                                                            My kids will do better

                                                            I’m gay
                                                            I’m single
                                                            I’m married
                                                            None of your damn business

                                                            I own guns
                                                            I don’t
                                                            I hate you
                                                            I love you
                                                            I mind my own business

                                                            When the shouting is over
                                                            We must live together
                                                            You don’t have to love me
                                                            But you have to live near me

                                                            Let’s all live in peace
                                                            Let’s learn to respect
                                                            We all are Americans
                                                            We must lift up our Country

                                                            Do it now