Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Wind in the Willows," Revised and Updated (Fragment, a New Beginning)

It was a lovely May morning. Hearing a knock, Ratty put down his teacup and hastened to open his door. It was Mole, blinking in the spring sun. A brown leaf was sticking to his tweed jacket elbow, and the Rat was all too happy to pluck it off his myopic friend's professorial blazer.

"What cheer this bright and blossoming morning, Dear Friend Mole?" asked the Rat.

"It's Toad again," said Mole, gloomily. "He's gotten hold of a Tesla automobile, and kidnapped a lovely young Lady Tadpole, much against the wishes of her family. He has her locked up in Toad Hall, and is plying her with Cherry Brandy and Imported Opium. High Sheriff Badger is off to arrest him, and the Weasels are planning a Necktie Party. What shall we do, Ratty?"

"No time to waste!" cried Ratty, "To my cigarette boat!"

Hastily tossing some claret, dried sausage, and bananas into a wicker basket, the two friends hastened to the dock. While Mole threw off the ropes, Ratty fired up the Excalibur XX-294 Cadmium Engines.

They were off in a flash.

Two Rabbits stuck their noses out of their burrow.

"Some animals make a great deal of fuss over Nothing," said the Elder Bunny.

"Yass," said the Other.