Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A New, 2017 Political Lexicon (Thanks to Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary")

A New, 2017 Political Lexicon
Obanimosity--a lingering disgust with and dislike for the outgoing president (not ex-president; the only ex-president was Nixon, because he resigned), coupled with a regret that the American media and public will not have him to "kick around" or blame, anymore
Obamidolization--the opposite of the above, resulting in an inordinate love for the same, realizing that, while he did not fulfill the great promises of his Obamalot, the Muse of American History may well deal better with him (except in the area of foreign policy, for which his fans will blame the previous administrations) than our current age
Trumpamores--those who carry a torch for the incoming Administration, secure in their idealistic faith that rich people know best how to create jobs for poor and middle-class people; that federal laws regulating business, the Environment, banking, Wall St., commerce, Defense, Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, federal aid to the unemployed, the poor, the physically and mentally challenged, Education, National Security, Immigration, Border Security, the Internet, Federal vs. State controls, minimum wage, income taxes and the entire question of taxation, business taxes and rich and not-so-rich paying their fair share, should be either severely curtailed or entirely done away with. Furthermore, they believe that immigration should be limited or stopped; that the races should be separated or prevented from mixing overmuch; that women's birth rights should be overseen by the Government; that Christianity should be the law of the land, as provided for by the Founders of our Country, in their interpretation, and that we should return to the values, beliefs, and practices of "The Good Old Days."
Trumpunbelievers--those who disagree with the above, but may hold with equal zeal in the rapidly-waning flames of Hillary, Bernie, Libertarianism, or some vague leftwing philosophy (such as Democracy); they may also be anti-Trump, but not necessarily "for" anyone or anything, and have difficulty organizing into a potent Opposition
The Above is subject to discussion, challenge, agreement, or disparagement.