Monday, December 26, 2016

Disillusionment of Evening TV Programs: With Apologies to Wallace Stevens, a Usually Misunderstood Poet

Disillusionment of Evening TV Programs

By David Hartley Mark
(With Apologies to Wallace Stevens,
Whom No Undergraduates “Get,” Anyway)

                                                The houses are entertained
                                                By pale TV screens.
They are not human,
                                                Though they contain human images,
                                                And Flesh-and-Blood Humans are watching them
                                                Seated on Couches & La-Z-Boys
                                                While holding small plastic, glass, and metal rectangles
                                                With more images of humans
                                                And words projected thereon

                                                It all appears very human.
                                                We cannot see if the Human Images are wearing socks of lace
                                                Or beaded ceintures.
                                                It does not affect the Message, the Transmission thereof,
                                                And the Humans laugh, and stare, and laugh some more, and
                                                Gently touch buttons, on
The TV
                                                The Cellphone,
                                                Of Themselves,
                                                Of Humans…

                                                Only, here and there, an old curate,
                                                A cold cup of tea at his elbow,
                                                Reads, “I have Sind”

                                                In an English History.