Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Desolation of Tuesday Morning: 1/3/16: A Poem for Our US Congress

Desolation of Tuesday Morning: 1/3/16

By David Hartley Mark

I spent too much time on Facebook again
It is a madness, an illness
To believe
That one can alter the course
Of People’s Minds
Of Governments
Or Sefirotic Worlds
Or the Universe

By typing witty squibs
On a computer screen
Or cellphone

While far far away
Greater minds than mine
Are running
The Country

I see that the Speaker of the House
Is growing a Beard
Which will undoubtedly give his youngish Conservative mien
An Old Testamentish, Prophetic, Midwestern cast
If that was what he was aiming for

Of course, as the Talmud tells us
A Goat can grow a Beard
As easily as does a Man

Or, perhaps, he simply forgot to shave
During the extensive Holiday Recess
Which our Congressional Solons enjoy

While lesser Americans worked to sell Chrismukkah goods
To feed and clothe their families

Meanwhile, we all await the Decisions of our New Majority
And our New Order

I read that Ethics will now be Enforced
By the Performers of the Actions Themselves

I wonder what Socrates, Aristotle, Plato,
St. Augustine, Rabbi Hillel the Great,
And possibly
Would say about that

But that is not for me
A rabbi and English professor
To judge

I walk my dog:
He does his #1 and #2
I gather his poopy up in bags
And reflect
That that is what we Americans will be doing
For Congress
And the Presidency
For at least the next four years

If not eight;

And I hope the Bags
Will be big enough
For all of it,

And that their Souls
And Hearts
Will be as big

As their Wallets
As they pass their
New Legislation
For Our Own Good

For there is a Judge
And a Judgment

And what good would it be
For a man or woman
To gain the World entire

Yet lose
Their eternal Soul?

I seem to have read that