Monday, January 2, 2017

"Muslim Teen in NYC Chases Down Assailant of Orthodox Jewish Woman"--from the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Service)

...Assisted by a Puerto Rican cop, an Irish-American server, an off-duty Seventh-Day Adventist of Muslim origins from Somalia, an Atheist Veteran of the War in Afghanistan who suffers from PTSD but is fighting it with the help of anti-psychotic drugs, as well as a Service Dog. They crossed through St. John's University Campus, named after a Jew who became Christian in the 1st Century, ran in front of a synagogue which started out as a Congregationalist Church in 1732 but switched to Unitarian in 1844 and afterward to a Reform Temple (Classic) in 1873, finally moving uptown; it now houses a Chavurah headed by a rabbi who converted from Catholicism. The assailant was tackled by an off-duty dishwasher from Haiti who lives with his mother, who is a faith healer; she uses herbs from Panama, Jesus candles made in New Orleans but imported from the People's Republic of China, soon to be manufactured in the US under President Trump. The pocketbook is of faux leather, and was sold off a truck secretly parked on Fifth Avenue; the driver is of no faith, but was found to be Caucasian, so this reporter did not think it necessary to list his national origin or religion.

--Readers, please note: I made this all up. It's fake news. My point was, the media/web/carrier pigeons are so careful to note the ethnic/racial/etc. background of People Doing Good, these days, that I wanted to show the Absurdity of the issue, if carried to its Extreme. That was my point.

The high school student followed the attacker after he exited a subway train, and police eventually made the arrest.