Saturday, May 13, 2017

Afternoon with Daddy and Baby Son: A Poem

Afternoon with Daddy and Baby Son

By David Hartley Mark

I was in the garage
Laying down soda bottles in the mini fridge
Orange Lime Raspberry
Orange Green Red
Orange Green

A young man walked by in the street
He was carrying his baby son
A young daddy in his thirties
A baby about eighteen months old

I did not know them
Or perhaps I did
We Floridians are notorious
For not knowing our neighbors
Blame it on
Intense heat
And air-conditioning
Keeping us indoors

Or going
From the car
To the office
To the house
All air-conditioned….

Our eyes met:
Except the baby’s—
He was looking around
At the big beautiful world
Houses Trees Birds
Sun Clouds Street Pavement
Being held and protected by his Papa

Pink Toes Dangling

The young Father raised his arm
And waved at me,
I waved back, and said,

In that instant
There in the street
I saw the Father and Son
Growing up Together,
Growing Older Together,
The Boy going to School,
Elementary, Middle, and High School,
College, Marriage—
And the Father growing older—

There in the street,
All at once,

In my Prophetic Mind’s Eye—

O World
I cannot hold Thee

Close Enough