Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lots of People, Walking: A Poem for the Refugees

Lots of People, Walking

By David Hartley Mark

I see from the Internet
That 2016 was a Big Year
For people becoming Refugees
Displaced Persons
Asylum Seekers

65 Million altogether

I read this on my cellphone
Driving home from teaching
I drive into my garage
I kiss my wife
I hug my dog
He’s getting a shampoo & haircut
He’s a little

But I love him

A two-year-old sits
Under a filthy windblown tarp
And shivers

We eat dinner

There’s really nothing on
The TV
Except one Stand-Up Comic
Talking about Congress and
The President
It’s all pretty funny

After the soldiers tied
Her husband’s arms
Behind his back
And stabbed him
Multiple times,
Joyce took her
Nine children
And fled
South Sudan
For Uganda

I really go to sleep too late
But I love reading poems of W.H. Auden:
Especially what he has to say
About the devastation
Of Sept. 7, 1939

What is it happened then,

11.25 million refugees
Are children;
The majority come
From Syria,
Of course

I fully understand
The massive threat
To Western Europe
Of these savages
Who are welcomed
With open arms
And then, turn to bite
Their hosts
They must be stopped
Expelled perhaps
Or ghettoized

I should know about ghettos
Being a Jew
Though I have never
Thank God
Lived in one

The UNHCR Report on Refugees showed
That, despite the main focus on Europe,
It is the poorer countries that host
Most of the world’s refugees

And that there are barely
Any whites
Among them