Sunday, September 17, 2017

Haazinu: A Rosh Hashanah--Jewish New Year Adaptation for 2017-5778

Haazinu: A Rosh Hashanah Adaptation for 2017

By Rabbi David Hartley Mark

                                      Blossom, O Heavens, when I invoke,
                                      Let the round Earth attend to my saga;
                                      We laud the LORD, Maker of Heaven and Earth—
                                      Truly, all of our Universe springs from Him.
                                      We mortal beings are prone to missing the mark,
                                      To fail when we attempt an endeavor:
                                      It is our God’s duty to discern in us Right,
                                      And teach us that sin lacks all benefit.

                                      I could blame the Almighty for all that goes wrong,
                                      I could lay my shortcomings before Him—
                                      Accuse Him of lying in wait for me,
                                      Or sending before me temptation.

                                      God gives us free will and chances to choose;
                                      God loves human beings, not robots.
                                      But our free will needs responsible choices,
                                      Not grabbing at gratification.

                                      Our people lay claim to being Chosen, in truth;
                                      The world looks upon us as models,
                                      And, when a Jew errs, they must speed’ly repent,
                                      For their sin reflects on our People.

                                      While those of us blessed with high station in life
                                      Must accept that this comes with constraining:
                                      Their natural impulses they must dominate,
                                      Or tumble to th’ Pit, as did Korach.

                                      Beloved before God is telling the truth,
                                      And that is the theme of this Season;
                                      A leader who lies is a dysfunctional dolt,
                                      And God will dispose him in due time.

                                      O Israel! Let shine in our precarious world
                                      The deeds you confess, Rosh Hashanah;
                                      Though your deeds be dyed crimson,
                                      God will turn them to snow—
And so may this continue, forever.

Amen. Selah.