Thursday, September 7, 2017

Prayer Before a Hurricane, 9/7/17
South Florida, United States of America

By Rabbi David Hartley Mark

                                                                                Dear God Who Makes the Wind blow
                                                                                And the Rain fall,
                                                                                Be with us, all of us,
                                                                                As we await the coming of this hurricane.

                                                                                Make us mindful
                                                                                That we are all brothers and sisters,
                                                                                Members of the same family
                                                                                And responsible for ourselves,
                                                                                Our families and loved ones,
                                                                                All sentient beings
                                                                                On our planet,
                                                                                But mostly
                    In our neighborhood.

                                                                                When filling sandbags this morning
                                                                                Surrounded by neighbors I did not know,
                                                                                I was struck by the friendliness
                                                                                And cooperation
                                                                                As all labored for their own good,
                                                                                And the Common Good—
                                                                                People of all colors and creeds
                                                                                Helping their families,
                                                                                And then, each other,
                                                                                Shoveling sand
                                                                                Into bright-orange bags
                                                                                Just feeling good
                                                                                About being there
                                                                                And fighting a common enemy.

                                                                                As we prepare to hunker down
                                                                                And pray for the best
                                                                                While hoping to survive the worst,
                                                                                Give strength and wisdom
                                                                                To our civic and state leaders
                                                                                Guiding us through this crisis
                                                                                As we put aside political wrangling
                                                                                To forge a common bond.

                                                                                Be with our first responders,
                                                                                Who embody the best of our community,
                                                                                Who care for us citizens
                                                                                And will come to our rescue.

                                                                                And finally, God,
                                                                                Help us to realize
                                                                                That all is in Your Hands:
                                                                                Give us strength, courage, and fortitude,
                                                                                And hold us all
                                                                                In the palm of Your Hand.