Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New York My City: A Dirge

New York My City 

By David Hartley Mark 

New York is in mourning 
Six lives are gone 
By a truck 
A delivery truck 
And a killer within 
Delivering death 

New York My City 
Down near Chambers Street 
Where I used to walk 
In the spring 
Flowers and leaves 
Squirrels and pigeons 

City Hall's quiet magnificence 
The Municipal Building's granite-built size, 
And shops 
And parks 
Where I visited the Horace Greeley statue 
(He always looked solemn, and tired) 

New York My City 
My City of walking 
Without looking at faces 
My City of wonder 
With sculptures and side streets 
My city of shops, 
Restaurants, museums 

Though I left long ago 
I have come back to visit 
Mourning the Trade Center 
Years ago 

We have new cause to mourn 

The Six might have been 
Any of us 
So all of us 

New York will rise 

And Civilization 
Must reign