Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"I Always Carry": A Poem by David Hartley Mark

I Always Carry
By David Hartley Mark

“I always carry. There are no more ‘safe places’ in the world.”
--Jerry Patterson, former Texas State Senator           (R.), who wrote the concealed-carry Texas law.

“Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” –Frank Loesser, who wrote this World War II song (1942)

I always carry
Said the Texas State Senator,
To make the dangerous places
And there are no other type of places
To make them safe

I always carry
Said the Texas pastor,
Who kept a pistol in his pulpit
In case someone didn’t like
His sermon

I always carry
Said the Texas madman,
Who slipped through the cracks
And blew away
A church

I always carry
Said the Texas Governor,
Carrying a pistol in his boot,
Just before he hugged the mother
Of a victim
Of the church shooting

I always carry
Said Gabriel the Archangel,
But I cannot throw
Enough lightning bolts
To stop the deadly activities
Of Man

I always carry
Said Jesus
Who carries the broken people
Of Texas
In the palm of His hand
And tries to lift up the blind Texans
Who refuse to see