Friday, December 8, 2017

The Peace of Jerusalem

The Peace of Jerusalem

by David Hartley Mark

                                                The Lamb said to the Lion,
                                                “I’m getting off here—this is my stop.”
                                                While the Lion shot tear gas grenades
                                                And water cannon
                                                And young men without jobs
                                                Or hope
                                                Burned flags and posters
                                                Of the American Satan

                                                After morning prayers,
                                                Thousands of demonstrators
                                                Flocked out of their houses
                                                Of worship
                                                And marched,
                                                And hollered,
                                                As long as the cameras were on

                                                While other young men
                                                In flak jackets
                                                Shot rubber bullets
                                                To stop them
                                                From the same four cubits of Land
                                                Which both sides lay claim to

                                                An Intifada is brewing,
                                                And thousands will die
                                                For a few stone buildings

                                                And the Presence of their G-d

                                                While the Presence ascends,
                                                Saying, “I cannot abide here
                                                In a place of War;
                                                My Place is with peace.”

                                                And the voice of the cockroach
                                                Is heard on TV:
                                                “This was the right thing to do.”

                                                Hear the voice of Jeremiah:

                                                “Among all Her lovers
                                                She hath none to comfort her,”
The City of riotousness,
                                                The unshared City,
                                                In smoke and in fire,
                                                In the Shadow of God.